Take Care of Hazardous or Unwanted Trees

Schedule safe tree removal with specialists in Portland, OR

Did you know that the trees on your property are a potential liability? When you have damaged or diseased trees, it's better to remove them safely than wait for them to fall. Arregreen Tree Solutions takes pride in our 35 years of hazardous tree removal experience throughout Portland, OR.

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8 signs your tree needs to be removed

Trees can withstand a lot. But, if you have dead or damaged trees on your property, they can’t withstand storms or extra weight. Avoid personal or property damage caused by fallen trees or dead by calling Arregreen Tree Solutions for hazardous tree removal. It’s time to call our professionals if your tree has:

  • Dead branches in the crown
  • Root defects
  • Bug infestations
  • Trunk damage
  • Large dead branches
  • Storm damage
  • A noticeable lean

The longer you wait, the more dangerous your dead or diseased trees can become. Connect with us today to schedule tree removal in Portland, OR and surrounding areas.